Attraction is a powerful feeling that can cause a person’s addiction. You may notice the patterns in your past relationship that you can connect on why you become a magnet of a wrong person. So, why are addicts attracted to me? There are many possible reasons why addicts find you interesting. It could be the way you handle your previous partner and discover that you are what they “need” in their life because addiction can cause low self-esteem. This article will discuss this matter to figure out the patterns that cause their attraction towards you to avoid future problems.

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What is an Addict?

A person who is an addict has a condition to a particular substance. The abuse of using a substance and you are someone they are attracted to has been in a relationship with someone like them before you become their Codependent. A codependent is associated with a person who abuses certain substances and will likely have difficulty with their partners who refuse to have the right treatment. It will become a real challenge to a Codependent to deal with their addicted partner. Addiction is a disease that one cannot truly see in a person, especially in a relationship.

Observe Behavioral Patterns

The first way to understand the situation is to observe. If you notice that mostly the people attracted to you are addicts, you should also observe the behavior of your previous partners. The life of your previous partners may involve drama, and you become a rehabilitation for their troubled life. Their addiction to having partners that they think could help them with their problem is also known as love addicts. These are the possible traits that a troubled person has.

  • Low Self Esteem
  • Stressed
  • In Denial
  • Manipulative
  • Controlling

You may not be aware during your previous relationships because of these traits. Blinded by their affection towards you and your treatment towards them. Your self-worth becomes fuel to an addictive person in a relationship. Their ego would strike up because of the love you have given them, and it will become draining and unhealthy. Now, we will discuss why addicts are attracted to me is also maybe cause of yourself.

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Gravitating What is Familiarity to You

We tend to choose a person who feels familiar and comforting. This tendency becomes gravitating towards the attraction of other people to you without you noticing the patterns because it feels familiar and the same with your previous partners. The relationship becomes more intimate. Resulting in not being a good partner because of the insincere emotions and ignorance of the real problem behind the relationship.

If you unconsciously have the same repetition of relationships, it could cause many reasons why addicts are easily attracted to you. Admitting to yourself can also help understand why addicts are attracted to me? Look back on your troubles, especially in the past. Attracting the trouble may fill the void you may have been longing for without realizing that it is not healthy and could badly affect your views of relationships. It may be from childhood traumas, previous relationships, own shortcomings, and personal challenges.

Start Your Recovery

To achieve the peace you want because of your troubles, start healing yourself and get some help. Do not be a refuge or shelter for those who cannot help themselves. Here are some ways to get help:

  • Seek Professional Help– If your problem with this matter is affecting you mentally and emotionally. Do not be afraid to seek professional help from a licensed health doctor. What concerns you mentally and emotionally will also start affecting your well-being: physically and socially.
  • Do Not Be a Human Rehabilitation Center– If you cannot help yourself, you will have trouble helping others. Do not prioritize the problem of others, especially your partner in a relationship.  It is not your job to heal people, especially the love addicts or any kind of addicts. You cannot cure that addiction with words of affirmation and selflessness because it requires professional action.
  • Support Groups- Be open with other people who have the same struggles when it comes to relationships. You are not alone in this problem; others are dealing with it too. You cannot conquer what is consuming your thoughts by yourself, and everyone needs to express what they have to instead of keeping it all to themselves. It’ll consume you,
  • Family and Friends- They are the ones who know you and witnessed what you have experienced. People who are close to you make it less uncomfortable to speak up about that topic.
  • Learn to Say No- As we’ve discussed, observe the behavioral patterns of a person. If the situation feels familiar to an addicted person, learn to say ‘No’ and walk away. Everything starts with you and how you’ll handle everything that is going on in your life.
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Addicts are desperate to seek help but are unaware that they use people to recover. However, they cannot heal unless they seek professional help. It’ll only add more damage to yourself and your partner. They have this desperate need for love and will only result in an unhealthy relationship becoming hard to let go of. Therefore, it is better to re-evaluate yourself and the people you let into your life before entering a relationship. Why are addicts attracted to me? It may be because it attracts what you fear that gravitates towards you and past experiences in life. We hope this has helped you with your view about this concern. It is always important to be careful with the people we let into our lives for the sake of our sanity.

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