In life, we all have our limits. Have you ever questioned yourself on what point in our lives when we are finally at our peak? There are different reasons, such as considering internal and external factors that led them to that point. To give us an example, when can we say an addict finally hit rock bottom on its addiction? Addiction itself is overwhelming and challenging, and dealing with it comes with great risk. In today’s article, we’ll walk you through when does an addict hit rock bottom and the indicators and interventions.

When Does an Addict Hit Rock Bottom
When Does an Addict Hit Rock Bottom

It’s Over: Why Does An Addict Hit Rock Bottom?

There are definite reasons why an addict hits rock bottom and tells itself that it’s over. Addiction has finally consumed itself, leading to certain points in its life where rehabilitation and interventions no longer work for them. They have already closed their doors for the opportunities and chances to treat their addiction, but there are still ways.

An addict shuts their world due to a lack of understanding of its situation. An addict finally reaches rock bottom when they no longer give themselves a chance to take rehabilitation, ask for intervention, and most especially treat themselves. The people surrounding them, the status of their career, relationship, and familial support can contribute to their situation.

For example, the status of its career can contribute to losing its ability to grasp its current situation. Familial problems can trigger substance abuse, and relationships can trigger the addict to shut its door and reach its ending point. Knowing these factors plays a vital role in what should be avoided and the proper intervention that should be done.

So, what are the indicators that you can say, “when does an addict hit rock bottom.” Let’s find out.

Indicators of an Addict on Its Ending Point: What Should I Do?
Indicators of an Addict on Its Ending Point: What Should I Do?

Indicators of an Addict on Its Ending Point: What Should I Do?

Before we know the possible interventions, let us first understand the indicators you may see when does an addict hit rock bottom.

  • Addictive substance as a treatment to withdrawal side effects: The common reason why an addict finally gives up on its addictive behavior. This illogical reason puts the addict at risk; its health and relationship with its peers. Since the addict finally closes its chances to get treatment, its excuse is using the substance itself, telling that its addiction is no longer curable and can’t escape from its withdrawal side effects. This behavior clearly indicates a sign of weakness and losing hope in the situation.
  • Disregarding legal consequences: Most addictive drugs are illegal. Continuous use of the drugs is a way of not being responsible enough for its legal consequences, which is going to jail. Going to jail means no job, no money, and no chance to change, and that is something that we shouldn’t be looking forward to. Disregarding legal consequences is a common indicator that an addict is finally at his lowest point of addiction.
  • No job, bad relationships – As mentioned above, when we neglect the legal consequences of continuous use of addictive substances, this will lead you to unemployment, getting imprisoned, and having ill relationships with other people is part also. This is an evident indicator that a certain addict no longer cares about its growth and social relationships with other people.
  • Loss of self-regulation and grounding itself – No control of oneself, emotions, and relationships with other people indicates that an individual has lost its self-regulation. Considering these behaviors is a way that an addict has finally hit rock bottom.

Realistically, these mentioned are considered clear indicators that an addict is finally closing its door in getting treatment for its addictive behavior. These are the things that need attention to give the proper intervention towards the situation. Speaking of intervention, let us know the possible interventions we can give to addicts on losing their hope of getting well.

I Am Here to Help: Reaching Out to Addicts That Needs Help

To further discuss the solution, when does an addict hit rock bottom? We must know the best ways that we can help them. The complexity of addiction may sound intimidating, but the support we give to the inflicted individual is a key to control its addictive behavior and help them receive the proper treatment.

Here are few interventions that we can do to help out an addict who has finally reached its ending point:

  1. Love and support – It are clear that support is the best way to help an addict who no longer sees the chance of getting treatment. Giving them constant assurance and emotional support is the best way to give them a chance to be heard, and their addiction is not a life sentence.
  2. Familial support – sort things out, talk whatever the afflicted one wants to talk regarding its addiction. Give them enough familial support that the addict needs to feel that everything is not too late for their addiction.
  3. Lighter perspectives – let the substance user see new and lighter perspectives in life. Let him enjoy and see things that can help. Beach, beautiful scenery or give a good book to read or something they like. This can give them a fresh start towards their perspectives in life.
  4. Offer opportunities – give them the possible interventions that can help them in their rehabilitation if they are now open to treating their addiction. Constant guidance before and after going to treatment is a good way of helping addicts to stand up from hitting that point in their lives finally.

Addicts who finally reached the ending point of their addiction have their ways of manifesting their behaviors. Having open conversation and constant reassurance that everything will be alright is something we can simply offer to them. We can’t stand seeing our loved ones at their breaking point, as much

Points to Ponder

When we support and help addicts that close their doors toward helping themselves, the best way we can give to them is new perspectives in life. It will allow them to know they have good chances to control their substance abuse and addiction. Constant and emotional support also plays a big role in helping them.
When does an addict hit rock bottom? When they finally shut their doors towards everything. The best way to help is constant support and assurance that everything has a solution, and their addiction is not a life sentence.

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