A short-term disability is defined as a disability that can be treated within a short period. There are few short-term disabilities that you can associate with rehabilitation, such as substance abuse. A lot of people wonder, does short-term disability cover rehab facilities?

This is a type of disability that hinders work and daily activities, and we aim to lessen the handicapping effect on it. Substance abuse is considered a short-term disability, whereas rehabilitation is a matter of choice since substance abuse is an addictive behavior that covers rehabilitative actions. In this article, we will answer a few common questions regarding short-term disability and the basis of such rehab admission.

Heal Behavioral Health South Florida Luxury Rehab Facility
Heal Behavioral Health South Florida Luxury Rehab Facility

Short Term Disability Through Rehabilitation

Does short-term disability cover rehab?

Let us define first the following terms coined to the question.

Short-term disability is a type of disability that covers minimal treatment options. We can associate short-term disability to rehabilitation through substance abuse.

Substance abuse is considered a short-term disability because it can be treated within periods. Substance abuse like alcohol and drugs are considered addictions and require someone to enter a rehabilitation facility and treatment program.

Through the different rehabilitation methods, prospective patients who need rehab assistance must have adequate rehab services intended for them.

So, when can we say that short-term disability covers rehab services? Let’s find out.

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Heal Behavioral Health Private Rooms

Scope of Rehabilitation of Short Term Disability

If you are wondering what the grounds for rehabilitation are and does short term disability covers rehab, here are the list covered with rehabilitative services

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is a few of the commonly considered short term-disability that affects everyone in different ways. Alcohol addiction for men is considered when they drink four glasses or more than 14 in a week. For women, drinking more than three drinks or more than seven drinks per week is considered alcohol addiction.

  • Prescription and Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs

Commonly abused OTC drugs are opioid pain relievers. These are medicines used for deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and sleep medicines. High doses of these medicines can make an individual drunk or intoxicated.

  • Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products

Cigarettes have a chemical called nicotine that gives energy and pleasure. Once you are already addicted, you can finish 2-3 boxes of cigarettes and consider addiction.

  • Cocaine

A stimulant drug that speeds up the energy of a certain individual. However, a commonly reported side effect of cocaine is a sudden shift of mood is noticeable. The use of cocaine for a long period of time can lead to addiction. Common symptoms of cocaine use are exhilaration and overconfidence, dilated pupils, and increased alertness.

  • Marijuana

The happy drug. It elevates one mood where you feel excitement and happiness for no reason. Burned out is one of the common side effects of the drug that is harmful to one’s health. Physical symptoms include red eyes, dry mouth, and increased blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Heroin

Heroin gives a rush of emotions and slows down once it subsides. Once addicted, the urge to use it daily is a need, which is dangerous to one’s health.

  • Stimulants

It can be a prescribed drug. These drugs are considered addictive and may give a “high, euphoric” feeling. Abuse of this type of drug may lead to the risk of overdose.

  • Club drugs

Ecstasy, GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid), and ketamine are a few among the club drugs. It can cause hallucinations, paranoia, etc.

The examples as mentioned above are considered prohibited substances and can be treated through rehabilitative services. Proper diagnosis of a healthcare professional and rehabilitative program is the best way to combat these addictions.

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Heal Behavioral Health Gym

Does Short Term Disability Cover Rehab

Does short-term disability cover rehab? The short answer is yes. It is emphasized that once an individual has an addiction to certain substances, they are covered with rehabilitative services.

Rehabilitative services for short-term disability are still subject to health care professional diagnosis. Understand the root cause of the problem of the addiction, and an adequate rehabilitative program is prescribed.

There are different reasons why a certain individual uses addictive substances, and that is to alleviate certain feelings or psychological reasons.

Here are a few signs of substance use problem, and must seek proper medical and psychological attention:

  • Urge to use the substance – the control is no longer in the hands of a certain individual. That’s why there is an urge to use the substance.
  • Odd sleeping schedule – due to hormonal imbalances, it generally affects the sleeping patterns of an individual.
  • Irregular relationships with friends – behavioral problems due to substance abuse are generally coined to less social interactions and irregular relationships with others.
  • Lack of interests – as the substance affects the mind, it lessens someone’s ability to focus on their interests.
  • Eating less – affects the metabolism of an individual. That’s why eating less is common in substance abuse.
  • Family and work problems – work and family are directly affected due to clouded thoughts and judgments towards others.
  • Emotional disturbances – emotional-related hormones are directly affected due to neurological disturbances.
  • Less attention towards self – as substance abuse affects it generally, taking care of oneself is no longer given attention.
  • Money issues – the ability to properly manage money is no longer seen.
  • Physical health issues – since drugs and substances are used in the body, this may lead to certain health issues.

If you exhibit such signs and symptoms, you are under the influence of substance abuse and must be given proper medical and psychological treatment. Struggling with addiction is something that isn’t neglected. Proper intervention can be done with a health care professional and family and friends’ help.

Heal Behavioral Health Basketball and Volleyball Court
Heal Behavioral Health Basketball and Volleyball Court


Hopefully, this article has given you enough information about, does short term disability covers rehab. You can say that certain short-term disability is covered with rehabilitative services.

The abuse of alcohol and drugs is dangerous to one’s health. Seeking help from a healthcare professional is the best way to treat it and receive proper services. Substance use can affect an individual in different ways. It may affect your social and personal relationships with other people, which you don’t want to happen. Seek help now. Get the best treatment possible!

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