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HEAL Behavioral Health is an accredited addiction treatment center with an evidence-based clinical program for professionals, enriched with holistic therapies to promote wellness.

When individuals take a step away from work, company culture can benefit from:

  • Employee retention
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Employee well-being
  • Job satisfaction

If you are seeking a solution for an esteemed professional who is struggling with addiction or substance abuse, call HEAL Behavioral Health today.

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12-Step Recovery

As outlined in the Alcoholics Anonymous book, the 12 steps are:

  1. Admitting powerlessness over addiction and substance use
  2. Believing in a higher power
  3. Turning control over to that higher power
  4. Taking an inventory of life
  5. Admitting to the higher power, another person and yourself the wrongs done (listed in the personal inventory)
  6. Becoming ready to have the higher power correct the shortcomings of your character
  7. Asking the higher power to remove these shortcomings
  8. Listing the wrongs done to other people and being willing to make amends for those wrongs
  9. Contacting those who have been hurt unless contacting them would harm that person
  10. Continuing to take a personal inventory
  11. Seeking connection and enlightenment with the higher power through prayer
  12. Servicing the fellowship—carrying the message of the 12 steps to those in need

The 12 Steps

Twelve step fellowships can be a vital component in helping you grow in recovery after treatment. However, they are not a substitute for professional care. A medical detox when necessary, followed by a treatment stay has been proven to offer the greatest chance for success. Our view is that there is no such thing as too much help for your problem, only not enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my treatment confidential?2019-07-07T06:25:16+00:00

Yes, all patient health files are confidential.

How do I get started?2019-07-07T06:25:22+00:00

Call to speak with a specialist or come visit HEAL Behavioral Health Group. Our staff will assist you with paperwork and the program details, every step of the way. You will submit a urine sample and a doctor will finalize the assessment and determine your individualized treatment plan accordingly.

Does HEAL Behavioral Health offer a drug detox program?2019-07-07T06:25:33+00:00

We offer full medical detox through our partner facilities. Once completed you’ll transfer right to our residence campus the same day to begin your next phase of treatment.

How long is treatment at HEAL Behavioral Health? Do I need to stay the whole time?2019-07-07T06:26:07+00:00

The typical length of treatment is usually between 28 and 45 days. Our program is strictly voluntary, but we recommend following the advice of our clinicians. Completing your treatment, as recommended is the best way to set a course for success in your recovery.

Are the treatment programs at HEAL Behavioral Health gender segregated?2019-07-07T06:26:58+00:00

Our living accommodations are gender segregated. Some groups may be gender specific, while others will be co-ed. Physical relationships between clients while in treatment are not allowed.

Can I still talk to my family while I am in treatment?2019-07-07T06:27:17+00:00

There is a blackout period during your Partial Hospitalization (PHP) phase of treatment when you won’t be allowed to make phone calls. After that you will have specified time set aside several times during the week when you can call family. You may also speak to family in a remote session with your therapist as part of your treatment.

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