Can’t Afford Rehab What to Do

Can’t Afford Rehab What To Do

You have finally recognized that you are struggling with addiction. You realize that you need to get help, and one of the ways to do so is going to rehab. Making that decision is certainly not easy and takes a lot of strength. Go ahead and give yourself a little pat on the back for that. The only problem now is you can’t afford to get admitted into a rehab facility. Don’t give up yet. There are many ways for you to enter rehab despite financial restraints. Keep reading to know if you can’t afford rehab what to do next.

Cost of Rehab

It is no secret that rehab is not cheap. How expensive your stay in rehab will be is determined by many factors. This includes the facility you choose, the cost of living in your area, the program you enroll in, treatments you choose to do, and accommodation. Some facilities can even bind you to a contract that pays extra if you don’t finish your chosen program. Considering all of these factors, your stay in rehab could get very expensive. It can set you back by thousands of dollars.It is even harder to pay for rehab if you have trouble with your finances because of addiction. Chances are you have lost your job and source of income, have struggled to keep jobs, or are buried in debt. Don’t let this discourage you from your dream of achieving recovery. If you can’t afford rehab, what to do next is hard to figure out but not impossible.

Can’t Afford Rehab What To Do

Just because the state of your finances is troubling, it does not automatically mean that you cannot go to rehab anymore. There are many options available for you so you can achieve this. Look through the list below to know, when you can’t afford rehab, what to do.

  1. Health Insurance. Addiction is a health concern. This is the first thing you should look at if you are trying to assess if you are financially capable of going to rehab. Review your insurance policy. Check if it covers addiction and rehab. Usually, people think that their health insurance does not cover mental health problems. However, depending on your insurance plan, these concerns can be covered in various degrees, including rehab. Contact your insurance company to deeply discuss the inclusions of your policy and ask for the possibility of upgrading your plan so it can cover your rehab treatment.
  2. Apply for a loan. You can talk to the rehab facility that you are interested in to see if they allow loans. Many rehab facilities have a financing program that allows you to pay back the cost of your treatment in installments until you have fully paid. If you are worried about your credit score or your qualification for a loan, ask a family member or a friend to take out the loan in their name. Set up an agreement on how you will pay them.
  3. Fundraising. Set up a fundraising campaign through any of the various platforms online. Appealing to humanity can greatly help in gathering funds for your treatment. Write up your reason for the campaign. Make your story compelling to convince them that you are serious about seeking treatment. Give them a guarantee that you will use the money raised towards your rehab treatment. You can even use your talents. If you sing, set up a live concert. If you do art, you can auction off your pieces. Fundraising is an effective way of saving up for rehab because you can get as many people involved as possible.
  4. Scholarships and Grants. Some organizations offer scholarships to patients. These are awarded on a case-to-case basis and can cover your expenses in full or partially. Try to search up churches, corporations, charities, or nonprofit organizations. Ask for their requirements and see if you qualify. There are even grants that offer incentives if you finish your treatment and stay sober. These scholarships are a great way to encourage sobriety and seeking treatment. It is also a great way to ensure the commitment to get better.
  5. Look up the facility’s payment plans. You don’t have to pay the full price of your program upfront. Many facilities have payment plans in place that can cater to the financial capabilities of their patients. Go to the facility that you are interested in admitting yourself to. Ask about their plans and discuss your financial status with them. Express that you are serious about finishing your program and you are committed to getting better. The facility will take note of this and be considerate of your situation. Their payment plans can be flexible and adjust to your capacity.
Can’t Afford Rehab What to Do
Cost of Rehab

An example of this would be the facility will ask for a reservation fee or down payment beforehand. You can pay the remaining balance in installment. This eases the burden of paying a big amount right away.

  1. Asking for help from friends and family. These are people that care about you and want you to get better. They want you to live a better life just as much as you do. Asking for help, especially financial assistance, is hard. But, you’ll never know who will be will to answer your call for help unless you try.

Sign up to support groups. There are many groups out there that you can join for free. While waiting for your financial situation to ease up for rehab, join groups that can offer you emotional support in the meantime. You can look around your community, or you can also join online groups and forums. Some forums offer the comfort of being anonymous if that is what you prefer. Take advantage of the support your community can offer. There is nothing like the comfort of knowing there are also people in the same boat with you struggling to make it; or the assurance of meeting people who have made it and living their best life. Not to mention, you don’t have to pay for anything.


Going to rehab is a hard decision to make. It is a big commitment. It also requires a lot of money, and not everybody has the resources to continue. There are many options for you to be able to gather up your funds. You can even join a support group for free while saving up. Don’t feel bad or cancel your plans if your financial situation. If you have decided to enter rehab, now you know what to do next if you can’t afford rehab.

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