Commitment to be better comes with the desire to make the necessary changes to hit the nail on the head. If you are someone on probation but want to stay on the right track in sobriety, it will be beneficial to rehab. However, can you go to rehab while on probation? Are you be eligible for rehab while on parole? Who is going to finance the treatment program? What will be the effect of undergoing a recovery while you are on probation? These are some of the questions that someone on parole will think of before entering rehab.

Heal Behavioral Health South Florida Luxury Rehab Facility
Heal Behavioral Health South Florida Luxury Rehab Facility

Basic Conditions of Probation

It is important to understand at least the basic conditions of being under probation. If can you go to rehab while on probation, you need to make sure to comply with all court orders and do not go against the rules. Abiding with the set rules helps you avoid violation of the given probation.

These lists of terms are included in the basic rules you need to follow once you go to rehab while on probation.

  • Regular reporting to court or probation officer (PO)
  • Change address notification, especially if it is their judicial district
  • Probationers must not commit any type of crime
  • Probationers must not be associated with criminals.
  • Home, vehicle, and personal belongings searches
  • Drug alcohol and weapon prohibitions.

Rehabilitation while on probation requisite compliance with the rules set by the probation officer (PO) to avoid being arrested and sent to jail in no time.

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Eligibility of going to rehab while on probation

Can you go to rehab while on probation? The answer is yes.

Drug-related offenses are legally ramified accordingly. Offenders can be let off easy with a warning or can be sent to jail immediately. But due to medical research, studies show that addiction affects the user’s brain. So drug-related offenders are commonly sent to a rehab facility for treatment as alternate punishment. This process is called Court-Related Drug Rehab. This addiction treatment while on probation is even encouraged by the Parole and Probation Departments.

Here are some of the criteria to be eligible for a court-ordered drug rehab process.

  • First time-offender individual
  • The non-violent offense as a direct result of a person’s intoxication
  • No record of recovery treatment for substance abuse in the past.
  • Direct alcohol and drug-related abuse offense
  • Possession and distribution of drugs offense

The ruling may be influenced by the lists above. But offender’s sentence is individualized by substance abuse issues, criminal records, or the severity of a committed crime.

Court-Ordered Rehab Expenses

Given the option to go on rehab while on probation can be a jump start for a better you. However, enrollment in a recovery treatment program, though ordered by a judge, is paid by the individual. Individuals can choose rehabilitation centers and programs according to budget and capabilities. They can also use their health insurance partial or full coverage depending on its policy.

List of alternative payment options:

  • Finance Health Care Loans
  • Employment Assistance Program Benefits
  • CrowdFunding
  • HSA Funds
  • Credit Cards
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Heal Behavioral Health Gym

Benefits of Probation Rehabilitation Program

Incarcerated individuals often feel uneasy in a world far way different from the one they left years ago. Without money and any type of support, it will be difficult for someone to start anew. Going into rehab while on probation will be beneficial for individuals as well as for the community.

Some of the primary benefits of being enrolled into a rehab while on probation

  • Relapse prevention and management program focus
  • Trauma-informed therapy for self-esteem and identity issues
  • Active engagement in a recovery program
  • Life skills development program
  • Engagement  in healthy relationships with sober people
  • Access to safe and sober housing
  • Employment and volunteer assistance

Some personal long term benefits of going to rehab while on probation

  • The offender will be avoided to becoming a  re-offender
  • Former offenders will have the opportunity to work and provide income.
  • Based on research, offenders are more likely to get jobs after release, earn a high school equivalency diploma while behind bars
  • Offenders will find new meaning in their lives while appreciating the value of the things and the people around them.

Some community benefits of going to a rehab while on probation

  • It is more cost-efficient for the government to release an offender after rehabilitation than incarceration term cost.
  • It punishes the offenders while ensuring public safety as it curbs future acts of crime.
  • It reduces recidivism if proven methods are tailored to fit specific offenders.

Can you go to rehab while on probation?

It is a good sign that you are serious about changing your life course to a better one. It’s also a way of coming clean to prove to your PO and judge your willingness to pull it off to get the work done.

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Heal Behavioral Health Basketball and Volleyball Court

Things to Expect From a Rehab Program While on Probation

If you are on parole and still suffer from addiction, it is best to disclose everything to your PO to prevent relapse and avoid being a re-offender. Your parole officer can be the best person to talk to and refer you to a rehab program.

Looking for a rehabilitation facility can also be stressful due to cost and location. There are times that the offenders need to search for a state-funded rehab center that accepts their type of insurance. A small window of time the court provided adds up to the things that the offender should consider.

Rehabilitation treatment varies depending on the individual situation, such as:

  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Residential Drug Rehab
  • Medical Detox
  • Sober Living
  • Aftercare

You must understand the rules entailed if you can go to rehab while on probation. It is different from getting treatment outside the court order. There is more pressure getting evidence of your ongoing sobriety. You will send updates such as your drug test and treatment progress to your parole officer regularly.

Under rehabilitation while on probation, you will be closely monitored by your parole officer. Regular testing such as oral drug tests or mouth swabs is religiously conducted. Once an addicted person fails the drug test, legal consequences immediately apply. Feedback from rehabilitation staff is also crucial since it can affect your sobriety status and may lead to a violation of your probation.

That is why we recommend that addicted individuals and their loved ones. Our treatment specialists can find alcohol and drug rehab centers that will work with individuals going to rehab while on probation. For further information, contact us today.

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Heal Behavioral Health Swimming Pool


Your desire to be better requires your commitment to pull up your sleeves and start getting the work done. Suppose you can go to rehab while on probation, better to take advantage of it. Stay on the right track in sobriety, knowing that the support you need will be provided. Always remember that the hardest part of this recovery program is in the beginning.

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