Drug addiction has destroyed many lives, from finances to lifestyle and from the relationships of families to friends. It has brought endless corruption from one family member to another, making it a vicious cycle. It is not uncommon for families to have more than one drug addict. It even has come to a point where even children are affected by the influence of a family member. But, can two addicts get clean together? In most cases, drug addicts tend to go alone for drug rehab. Why? To avoid unnecessary embarrassment and gain the privacy they want. Let’s find out.

Can Two Addicts Get Clean Together?
Can Two Addicts Get Clean Together?

Benefits Of Two Drug Addicts Together

It is perfectly okay to be with someone who shares the same struggle as you do. Couples, for instance, can have a set of goals together. It’s better to have Dependency on each other since addiction can be tough to overcome. You have to admit that even sheer will cannot stop the urges for drugs alone. Here are some of the benefits of having two addicts get clean together:

1. Additional Support

The emotional support of having someone clean up together can lead to great success in recovery. Having a companion during probation can be pretty comforting throughout the process – making you more motivated and confident all the time. A partner can give you a helping hand whenever you are down or unable to focus, and you can do the same to whoever needs it.

2. Increase The Likelihood To Success

Chances are much higher in recovery if you have a partner since it can give both of you higher morale. Watching each other back as you control yourselves fighting your addiction. As you can see, if one of you keeps up and maintain the recovery goal, the latter might also do the same thing.

3. Depression And Loneliness

You can’t say for sure what to feel like if you are caught up by lingering sadness during rehab. Depression is common for drug addicts. That’s why it’s best to have a family or friend who has the same struggle as you do.

4. Building Goals Together

Imagine someone – your wife, girlfriend, or siblings – having the same feeling for change. Being together with someone you love brings a positive approach to set a new goal.

What is Codependency
What is Codependency

The Downside

Drug addiction recovery isn’t a walk in a park. To tell you honestly, having a partner can have a high risk compared to coming alone. If you have a partner, addiction can trigger anytime for both of you, especially that partner snaps out. If both of you and your partner are outpatient, temptations are inevitable and are everywhere. So, what are the downside of having two addicts get clean together?

  • Trigger Addiction

You should know that relapses can occur at any time, depending on how you feel. If one of you uses it, the latter might be tempted to do it too. You may have the same dedication, but your tolerance differs on so many levels. It’s easy to break new habits than old habits, as they say.

You might also want to know that people have different traits even if you and your partner are a family. A lot of factors can trigger you or your partner. Factors that keep reminding any of your past, like places, things, or environment, can trigger reoccurrence.

  • Vulnerability

Having a partner can have a higher susceptibility to drug addiction reoccurrences. How? Both of you are committed to sharing the same goal. A drug addict can be easily swayed even by a minor temptation, especially if you are codependent. As a result, complacency takes place and undermines your results in recovering, giving way for your bad habit to reemerge.

What is Codependency

Codependency, also known as ‘’relationship addiction’’ is a dysfunctional behavioral condition that tends to be clingy. It focuses more on the addictive behavior of a person—particularly someone who gives everything they have from someone one-sidedly.

The bad thing about codependency behavior in drug addiction is that they help enable addiction to anyone they love. Codependent people tolerate as much as they can to please their partners. It doesn’t apply to couples only but parents, siblings, co-workers, and children as well. Codependency is mostly learned in families influencing children as they grow old.

How To Overcome The Downside

It’s important to discuss first and identify each weakness before committing to drug rehab together with your partner. Both of you are hanging by a thread, and that thread can snap out if any one of you cuts it. That’s why building trust first is crucial. Here are some tips that may help you:

1. Discuss The Trigger Factors With Your Partner

Don’t just dive into rehab if you both are not ready. Make sure to discuss all of the triggering points with your partner as you commit to recovery. Addiction may reoccur if both of you have many weaknesses which you don’t know.

2. Choose A Good Rehab Facility

Your recovery depends on the rehab facility. It’s the best place for two addicts to get clean together. It’s essential to make sure that both of you are taken care of by good professionals that will surely make you sober. It is always about how they manage you. Check their programs and facilities first if they have what it takes to take care of you.

3.Understand One Another

Both of you have to be understanding each other’s weaknesses. There will be lapses made no matter what. Do acknowledge that both of you have different traits.

4. Motivate Yourselves

Complete recovery is on you. For the sake of the goal, motivate each other to climb up. If someone falls, help them recover and stand back on their feet.

5. Trust Yourselves

Drug addicts tend to lie more to get what they want in their past bad habits. As people trying to change, try building trust in one another. It can be very beneficial to your growth. If both of you want to succeed, be prepared to trust one another.


Yes, two addicts can get clean together. With or without a partner, be a product of change that will help future generations of your family. Don’t let addiction conquer your bodies, and make sure to reach the final stage of success. There may be trials and ordeals, but it doesn’t mean that will stop your determination.

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