Drug and Alcohol treatment centers are for those struggling with addiction and underlying mental health, they are not criminal rehabilitation centers or halfways. That being said, many individuals checking themselves into a treatment program could have legal troubles as well.

Addiction and alcoholism can quickly progress to critical points, leading an individual to commit crime to acquire money for their next drink or drug. Chasing their next high is a common reason addicts and alcoholics commit crimes in their active addiction. Also common is neglecting to handle these legal issues in a timely manner, often resulting in warrants being produced by the courts.

A warrant or arrest could often be the breaking point for someone to realize they need to get help, urgently. They may wonder, can I check into rehab with a warrant? The quick explanation is: yes. Nothing should deter an individual from getting the help they need, when they need it.

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Rehab Admissions Process

If you or your loved one need professional help from a treatment center for addiction or mental health, the first step would be to contact the facility you choose and ask all the questions you may have.

After you’ve contacted a treatment center, the next step would be the facility’s pre-assessment screening, usually done over the phone. A pre-assessment is frequently done during the initial phone call with a potential patient. Patients share relevant information to assist treatment providers in determining which facilities would be a suitable fit for them and which degree of care is advised.

This would include information on the patient’s drug history, type of drugs abused, length of drug abuse, patient’s treatment history, possible underlying mental or emotional disorders, list of any current medications, and legal issues.

It’s important to be honest even if you’re concerned with questions like, “can I check into a rehab with a warrant.” The staff at the rehab are trained to help with even the most extreme cases.

Can the Police Arrest A Person In Rehab?

Without a subpoena issued by a judge from a court, in most cases, police would not enter a rehab facility premises to arrest an individual. There are many reasons for this, primarily being HIPAA which we will go over later on. Keep reading to find out more!

If a court subpoena is issued, there is a more probable chance that a rehab facility will be forced to comply.. It is important to keep in mind that especially in more progressive court systems, the legal system is there to support individual recovery from drugs and alcohol – not work against it. At the same time, rehab should not be used as an excuse to escape legal consequences.

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Why Police Officers Can’t Arrest A Person in Rehab

In most cases, police do not serve arrest warrants to individuals in a rehab facility. This is due to HIPPA laws, which safeguard people in rehab just like they do in hospitals. Essentially, police will respect patient privacy laws that are federally mandated. Rehab facilities can refuse entrance to law enforcement who do not have proper paperwork or court subpoenas in hand.

  • HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is federal legislation that prohibits the sharing (disclosure) of confidential patient data without the patient’s agreement or awareness.

This was established and implemented to guide workers “better the usage and responsibility of health insurance coverage” between positions. Privacy and security regulations for Protected Health Information (PHI) in individual health records to HIPAA. PHI that can identify a person includes a person’s location, medical status, where they received hospitalization, and how they financed it.

However, there are several exceptions to the law’s written consent requirements, such as court-ordered criminal investigations into individuals, alleged child neglect or abuse, medical emergencies, scientific study, and inspection or program review.

Because breaching the HIPPA law is a serious crime, there’s a slim risk you’ll get jailed while in drug rehab. Unless they’re communicating to your designated contacts, it’s doubtful that a rehab center will hand out your identification or confirm you’re at the facility. This is a standard procedure. Your first criminal conduct may influence whether or not your detention is postponed until you complete rehab.

If the crime you perpetrated is not very serious, your arrest would most likely be postponed until you have completed your treatment.

So, can I check into rehab with a warrant? Yes, you can get check into rehab.

But this doesn’t mean that you get away with your offense or of the warrant.

A treatment facility does not grant you immunity from detention or dismiss your warrant. It is important to work with the case management team at the treatment center you attend to work out pending legal matters. Addressing legal issues contributes to maintaining long-term sobriety.

Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Committing a crime including violent offenses, drugs, etc.
  • Abuse in any way of the staff at the facility
  • When authorities have a court-issued subpoena granting them access to the individual in treatment.
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Get a Legal Consultation with a Lawyer

While its good to gather information to be informed about your case and circumstances, when it comes to making decisions that could affect you legally and your future, it is important to consult with a licensed attorney that specializes in the type of warrant you have. You should ask your attorney – “can I check into rehab with a warrant?”

Attorneys will be able to give you sound legal advice based on their experiences and can sometimes even submit a letter that lets the courts know that you are checking into a rehab to get immediate attention for your drug addiction or alcoholism. Courts can look very favorably upon voluntary admission to a rehab facility.

Emergent Rehab Cases

For some individuals, they don’t have a choice in not being admitted into rehab due to a warrant. Even though you may be asking, “can I check into rehab with a warrant,” due to current use or drinking being so severe, it may be an emergency for you to check into a medical detox immediately.

Many courts will understand the medical necessity behind checking into treatment or a medical detox immediately to avoid painful or life threatening withdrawal symptoms. If you’re experiencing life threatening detox symptoms, do not concern yourself with the legal repercussions – call 9-1-1 and get immediate medical help.

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Can I Check Into Rehab With A Warrant At HEAL Behavioral Health?

During your pre-assessment screening at HEAL Behavioral Health, the admissions coordinator will help identify your legal concerns at a high level prior to your admission. We will ask to connect with your family support unit and your attorney to get a complete picture of how treatment can help you at the current moment, especially if you’re concerned – “Can I check into rehab with a warrant?”

Once at HEAL, the case management department will help with your case and any legal obligations you may have to attend too. Part of your treatment plan will be to keep up with all legal obligations so you’re able to have the best shot at success upon graduation.

It’s also important to acknowledge the emotional distress that could come with legal problems and having an active warrant for your arrest. The clinical team at HEAL Behavioral Health will help you process these emotions and cope with the stress and anxiety of pending legal matters in a healthy manner.

Upon successful completion of the HEAL program, we will give the patient a completion letter signed by our clinical and medical directors. This completion letter can go a long way when you return home to address pending legal issues and warrants in front of a judge.

Getting sober could be the best decision you make for yourself, your family and your society. Take that first step today.

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